Every summer for almost a hundred years, families have loaded up their horses, hooked the trailer to their truck and for four months, they have driven from rodeos to country fairs, from town to town across Western Canada to race their wagons around the chuckwagon tracks. In each place, they unloaded their team, the kids would run around explore while the adults would set up their tents or their trailers and turn their camp into a home. And once every summer, they crossed the Elbow River to get ready for the biggest race and the biggest payday in the sport – The Calgary Stampede’s GMC Rangeland Derby.

This year is no different. Only this year, the Evening Show is proudly paying homage to making wherever you are your home.  It’s something we learned first hand by quickly becoming friends with these incredible athletes who race chuckwagons night after night and their families who say they wouldn’t trade their experience for anything. The show has a new set, a brand new stage, in face it’s the most technologically advanced show the Stampeded has ever created – and all of it, right up to the biggest fireworks show the Stampede has ever blown up – is about all the people who race those wagons, the horses who pull them – and the chuckwagon families who have been traveling these Alberta roads for almost a century.

Every night, once the races have finished, if you took a walk around the track to the barns you’d see everyone hard at work, taking care of horses and getting chores done.

But once that’s finished, there would be something to eat, maybe something to drink, the kids would run around together and the adults would sit and tell some stories. If you’re lucky, someone night have a guitar and maybe someone else can actually sing – and if you’re really lucky – by the time the fireworks start – it turns into a real Barnburner.

Tonight’s Barnburner celebrates the most exclusive of barn parties that usually require a special invitation. But instead of taking you around the track to the barns for a glimpse at this amazing party, we’ve brought the party to you. Make yourself at home.

Pre-show – getting ready

Performed by: The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede

The Champions of Chuckwagon

Performed by: Tom Glass featuring the voices of Les McIntyre and Jock Osler

Champion chuckwagon driver Tom Glass and his celebrated family have spent generations travelling Western Canada racing wagons. Tonight, he invites us to take part in the most exclusive Stampede party – the gathering that occurs each night in the barns after the wagon races are over and the chores are done. 

Home / Chainsaw Rhythm

Featuring: Annika Odegard / Brock Jellison / The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede / The Calgary Stampede Showband

The first step is to build the massive barn that will become the backdrop for the party – and for inspiration we used one of Alberta’s oldest working barns – the Glass family barn. The barn builders in ‘Chainsaw Rhythm’ features young talent from the Calgary Stampede’s youth programs: The Young Canadians, Showband and Talent Search. Blacksmiths spark anvils, grinders and forge fires while chuckwagon outrider pound intricate rhythms on the racing barrels. The whole community is pitching in while singing in-pitch to Philip Phillips’s hit song ‘Home, as sung by Annika Odegard, winner of the 2012 Calgary Stampede Talent Search.

Rodeo Clownz

Featuring: Daniel Passer and Wayne Wilson
Daniel and Wayne are always asking, “What could possibly go wrong?” and everyone always answers “You guys!”. These two have promoted themselves from shovelling the barns to taking centre stage, only to have calamity follow them at every turn. Hilarious fun is certain, and all with their own brand of rodeo danger.

The Loud Band of Littles

Featuring: Gabe (vocals), Marcus (vocals/percussion), Harry (acoustic guitar), Jaxon (drums), Chris (electric guitar), Tyler (keyboards), Chantae (bass) and the Apprentice Female Singers

We made a city-wide search for the youngest musicians we could fine, you know the ones… the awesom little guitar player that can play every request… the drummer that keeps the neighbourhood up all night with his constant jamming… Tonight our Loud Band of Littles is hitting the big stage with their own brand of ‘amazing’ while performing their favourite songs!

Cowboy in the Field

Featuring: Timber Brown
Performed by: The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede

Wheat Fields / The Living Bronzes

Performed by: Tom Glass / Les McIntyre / The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede

Behind every famous chuckwagon driver is a family who lives and breathes the pressure of the race. On the road for months every summer, the matriarchs of the chuckwagon world know that along every dirt road and secondary highway, home is Alberta prairies, home is Alberta skies, and home is where you are. This evening our journey towards home starts right in your seat.

Alberta is home to some of the world’s greatest cowboys, and the bronze art to prove it sits onstage tonight in a living  bronze trophy cabinet. Every year the champion driver of the GMC Rangeland Derby takes home an impressive bronze statue of a chuckwagon, four horses and a driver in full action. Tonight, our larger than life living bronze is only missing one thing – a driver.


Clownz – World’s Biggest Mosquito

(Intro to Tesla Coils)Featuring: Daniel Passer and Wayne Wilson

This is where our Barnburner party takes a dangerous turn. What happens if we encounter a little lighting during the party… well, man-made lightning to the tune of 1 million volts from a pair of giant Tesla Coils? Then add a couple of dancers with high intensity conducting rods. What about having the Rodeo Clownz handle the technical setup? What could possibly go wrong? This is a must-see.

Tesla Coils

Featuring: SkyFire Arts


Beatbox Freestyle

Featuring: Peterpot

The Calgary Stampede’s Talent Search reveals some of Calgary’s greatest talents. In 2008 Peterpot made heads turn with his unique style of beatboxing. One mic, one man and one voice. That’s it. You won’t believe it. But it’s happening. Different every night – it’s freestyle.

Royals / Skrillex

Sometimes, a Barnburner becomes a party once the rodeo royalty shows up. We tip our hats to all the royals who represent rodeos across North America with this special vocal rendition from the Senior Female Singers of the song ‘Royals’ with Peterpot,  Nullo DJ+ and the Senior Female Dancers.
Vocals: Peterpot, Lizzy, Ali, Taylor, Christie, Sophia, Celine, Madison

The Boots

Brock Jellison / Annika Odegard / Peterpot / The Young Canadians

Sometimes at a party someone tries to impress someone, someone else tries to one-up them… and suddenly things get a little wild. Brock and Peterpot can’t just sit back and listen to Annika sing ‘Boot-Scootin Boogie’ without things getting just a little bit competitive. A master of rhythm, Brock stomps it out with his inventive tap technique which became world-renowned by his feature in the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.


Wish You Were Here (Finale)

Performed by: The cast of Barnburner

No matter where you go, home is where you are. Tonight we have shared our home, our stories.. our Barnburner and made it yours. Look at the photos on the wall of the barn. They are special, and capture our time together making this place our home tonight. The only thing missing are the friends and family who you wish were here – the ones you brought in your heart.

As the cast of Barnburner joins you in watching the fireworks that mark the end of the night, we salute the chuckwagon heroes with our specially designed 2014 firework display. The stories and fun times shared together at the  Barnburner are a tribute to the men, women, children and animals who travel Western Canada every summer… and every summer come to the banks of the Elbow River to help make this place our home. 

Behind the Scenes 

Some fun clips from the show as it wraps up for the year.