How many classic Canadians does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Well, let’s see. First there’s the Canadians who say they invented the lightbulb. Then there’s the Canadians who step in and say, “Hey let’s not get all boastful.” Then a singing group says “If you’re going to get boastful, what about the decades of great Canadian music?” Then the First Nations elder says, “Decades?! Really? You can only do decades?” After some reflection another Canadian says, “Who cares about the culture, have you been outside? Canada is the most beautiful country in the world!”  That gets the singers all heated, and a Canadian Stage Dad starts screaming about our Greatest Natural Resource… “MY DAUGHTER! Just listen to her! Go on honey – sing for them!”  By then things are really loud and just before the gloves come off, a New Canadian walks in and says, “I came to this beautiful country to raise my family in peace.” That embarrasses the crowd, and then a kid steps up and says, “Lets settle it the way Canadians always do,” and he pulls out a puck. “Next goal wins.”

Problem is, by now it’s too dark to see the puck and they still haven’t screwed in the lightbulb.

Then from the dark, a voice in the back says, “Hey, are we going to argue all night or are we going to start the best Canadian party of the summer?”

Welcome to our Canadian lightbulb. We’re pretty proud.

But not boastful.

– Dave Kelly.

William Shatner’s National Anthem

It wouldn’t be a Canadian classic without a tip of our hats to the Canadian icon William Shatner and the National Film Board of Canada for this fun reinterpretation of our national anthem. Even though “O Canada’ was composed way back in 1880, it wasn’t until July 1st, 1980 that the song became the official anthem of Canada. A hit song more than a hundred years in the making!

Come Take a Trip

As the Canadian Classic train pulls into the Grandstand Station, our tour guide Steve Maddock leads the entire cast of the Young Canadians on a picture postcard trip across our country.

Canadian Classic Songs

There are lots of Canadian singers and songwriters, and our contribution to the culture of Canadian music and beyond is second to none. But if you had to pick the best Canadian song… what would it be?

Performed by: Steve Maddock and The Young Canadians
Vocal solos: Kay, Sydney, Brennan, Vince, Lizzy, Nick, Kashtin
Songs: Any Man of Mine (Shania Twain)
Can I Have This Dance? (Anne Murray)
Diana (Paul Anka)
You Ain’t Seen Nothing yet (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
I’m Your Lady (Celine Dion)
Sunglasses at Night (Cory Hart)
I’ve Been Everywhere (Hank Snow)
Baby (Justin Bieber)
Maybe Tomorrow (Littlest Hobo theme song – Terry Bush)

Our Second National Anthem

A tribute to Stompin’ Tom Connors and the song that has become synonymous with our favourite pastime. Featuring Canadian country and western recording artist and friend of Stompin’ Tom, Tim Hus.
Song: The Hockey Song
Words & Music: Stompin’ Tom Connors
Performed by: Tim Hus and The Young Canadians

On the Shoulders of Heroes

You might know about the Robertson screwdriver and Insulin, but Pablum? the Pacemaker? the Snowmobile? Frozen peas? and Basketball? A tribute to Canadian inventions and inventors.
Performed by: The Young Canadians, featuring Calgarian Hip Hop artist Transit.


Performed by: The extreme basketball team Acrodunk and The Young Canadians

Canadian Space Odyssey

Our contributions are not lmited to Canada or even the world… oh no… they reach outer space. Who better than Colonel Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to walk in space, to introduce this segment of the show? Featuring the Pyro Gyro and  multimedia sensory overload courtesy of the Canadian Space Agency.
Pyro Gyro: Kashtin

The Ultimate Musical Ride

For more than 125 years, the Royal Canadian Mounted police have been showing off their skill on horseback with their world-renowned RCMP Musical Ride. Tonight, the youngest of the Young Canadians pay tribute to that greatest equine tradition with a musical ride of their own.
Song: Canadian Man 
Words & music: Paul Brandt /  Steve Pineo

The Spirit of the Eagle

The eagle is one of the most iconic symbols in the First Nations culture. In this segment, Aboriginal entertainer and World champion Canadian hoop dancer Dallas Arcand joins international performing star Timber Brown in a dance that takes flight with the animal that signifies grace, power, creation and wisdom, with the Underground Circus.

Alberta Ballet

By prior agreement, this video has not been included on this page, but it was a beautiful part of the show, premiering a dance based on one of the greatest songs written by one of Canada’s greatest performers, Gordon Lightfoot, “If You Could Read my Mind”.

The Mystic Cube

From the belly of the Canadian Classic train comes the Mystic Cube, an act performed by the incomparable Jean François Martel.

Northern Lights

Wearing state of the art fiber optic costumes created by Calgary artisans, the Young Canadian Aerialists give us the opportuity to look up… way up. Maybe sit in the big chair that two of you can curl up in.
Performed by: The Young Canadians Aerialists and the Intermediate Dancers
Vocal solo: Janaki

Building a Home

Canadians are dreamers, and generous people who welcome those from around the world looking to make a new home. Tonight our audience witnessed the realization of a dream from immigrant to official Canadian citizen.
With Citizenship and Immigration Canada, join us as we celebrate the newest Canadians to the world. Welcome.
Song: Feels Like Home
Vocal solos: Steve Maddock / Lizzy

I Belong Here in Canada

We’ve been across the country tonight, through music and dance, through stories and pictures. Our final moment is brought to you by the Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede, who remind all of us that we really do belong here in Canada.
Performed by: The Cast of Canadian Classic / Fireworks

Behind the scenes at the grandstand

Long but fun! Snippets with the kids before and after the show.  

Creative Producer: Dave Pierce
Director: Brian Foley
Production Manager: Colleen Caron
Head of Design: Doug Paraschuk
Video & Projection Design: Sean Nieuwenhuis
Visual Designer: Pierre Marleau
Lead Choreographer: Angela Benson
Scriptwriter: Dave Kelly
Costume Designer: Victoria Krawchuk
Head of Wardrobe: Benjamin Toner
Composer: Dave Pierce
Music Director: Scott Henderson
Prop Designer: Louis Beaudoin
Live Video Director: Ed Robertson
Live Video Producer: Brie Robertson
Stage Manager: Brian Conrad
Pyro Designer: Brad Dezotell
Grandstand Show Committee: Director liaison: Roc Spence | Chair: Stu Reid
Jayson Benner, Bernie Benning, Dean Faithfull, Kari Gordon, Ted Jeal, Ken Kilroe, Roxanne McKendry, Jill Mawer, Sean Parker, Patsy Sabo, Wendy Tynan, Ryan Wallace, Karen Whiteman

Mike Jewitt – Manager, TYC & Youth Development
Robin Fulbrook – Youth Development Coordinator
Zsannett Rado – Adminstrative Assistant
Cyndi Scott – Dance Development Director
Scott Henderson – Artistic Director
Vocal Instructors: John Morgan, Lauren Ireland
Dance Instructors: Rylee Fieldstone, Beverley Bagg, Nicole Caron, Rasika Borse, Sara Simpson
Guest Choreographers: Amy Gardner, Julie England, Edgar Reyes, Anthony Carr, Hannah Ulmer, Danny Nielsen