Everyone knows that guy. You know, the one who’s all excited about some scheme and can’t wait to tell you about it. It does’t matter where he is, he can’t help himself. He starts every conversation with, “Hey, I got this idea – wait till you hear about THIS!” You don’t even have half your beer done and he’s pitched four ideas already.

And his pitches are crazy, right? Maybe it’s an invention that’s going to make him a million. Or an idea for a screenplay, “We get Tom Cruise in this, it’s PERFECT for him – I’m telling you – it’s a WINNER! It’s going to be SPECTACULAR!” And before you have a chance to tell him how ridiculous it is, he’s off talking to someone else. “Hey – lemee tell you about this idea!”

Guy Weadick was that guy. Except for one thing. He made his wild ideas happen. He was the original visionary of the Stampede – and he was always dreaming big and somehow, he found the people and the way to make it happen. And not just once. Not just a couple of times. Year after year after year, people came from around the world to the Grandstand Show because Guy Weadick was going to show them something spectacular.

And this year is no different.

From the opening number to the final fireworks extravaganza – this show is all about Guy Weadick’s history of grand spectacle.

The only thing missing is Guy himself. If he were here, he’d spend the whole show saying, “Wow, wasn’t that something. yeah. Just wait till you see what we have next. It’s even better. I’m telling you, it’s a winner, it’s going to be SPECTACULAR!”

And when you see the show, maybe you’ll think he’s not missing after all.

A Little Party in the Grandstand

Take this first number. It’s out of control. Is this the 20s? 50s? 80s? Does it matter? I’ll tell you what matters. It’s timeless. Singing, dancing, flying and spinning on giant sway poles. It’s a Guy Weadick party. It’s a spectacular party.

Host / vocal solo: Annika Odegard
Performed by: The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede

Welcome to the Grand Spectacular

How about Annika Odegard? Isn’t she something? She’s our host tonight, and what a talent. Between her, the iconic Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede, and a high flying troupe of drummers here to salute the sky high above the grandstand, we want to be sure you feel welcome. And it won’t be the last time this evening you’ll be lifting your eyes to the sky.

Host / vocal solo: Annika Odegard
Performed by: The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede
Flying drummers: Luke Breiteneder, Greg Brown, Vincent Bundick, Dyllan Goodman

Slack Wire

We’ve brought the secret science of ‘showbiz’ to our stage for many many decades. Soaring bi-planes, human cannonballs, contortionists twisted into knots, bicycle twirling child acrobats, and magicians who have come from around the globe to astound you with the impossible. This time, our grand search for spectacular talent lead us to Ukraine to find Tatiana. The rope might be slack, but the act is world-class.

Performed by: Tatiana
Grandstand Orchestra: Spencer Cheyne, Rich Harding, Scott Henderson, Jim Murray, David Reid, Caleb Roddick

The Junior Funhouse

Who doesn’t love the Young Canadians? And what about the Juniors? The youngest Young Canadians. These kids aren’t just singing and dancing as part of Guy’s vision for the future, they get to eat it too. Every day, on their way to perform for you, the Juniors pass the rides, the booths, and the mini donuts, ice cream and cotton candy. That’s why they sing, they dance, and no matter what, they stick together.

Performed by: The Junior Young Canadians 

Flying Carousel

Performed by: Karine Mauffrey


How about this act? It’s like you took every ride in the midway, put them together in a jar, added the Whack-a-Mole, and then shook it. What’s up? What’s down? What’s right? What’s left? And who’s on first? The Catwall, performed by Circus Concepts, is an incredible act of trampoline prowess that allows for no error.

Performed by: Circus Concepts

Fountain of Dreams

OK, I know we’ve been saying “Watch this!” for the whole show, and we’ve meant it. but this time, we really mean it. This one would do Guy proud. Because what you’re going to see has his fingerprints all over it. He always said, “I want to show something that’s never happened before on this stage.” And rain or shine, hot or cold, year after year, that’s exactly what we do. So sit back, or stand up, and get ready for our Fountain of Dreams.

Piano/vocal Solo: Annika Odegard 

We Have Vision –  ‘Roughneck Run’ Flare Tank

Guy Weadick stood in a field and said, “You just watch me, this field is going to be a Grandstand filled with wild west shows, a rodeo, chuckwagon race and a midway.” And then he made it happen. Like so many Albertans, he was a great visionary who sees things for our city that others can’t. Tonight, we salute the vision of Albertans and Calgarians who put our city and our province on the world stage. Whether it’s the Olympic Games, achievements in the Arts, Hollywood movie production, or the oil that powers the world, we salute the people who see great things and then make them happen. It’s the Roughneck Run.

Tonight you will see expert teams compete in a race to create a flare. The flare tank on a drilling rig store expanding gas that is separated from the drilling fluids during the drilling process. The system begins as the fluid is circulated back to the well surface. At this point, the gasses are separated out, stored in the flare tank, and then sent up the flare stack. This process allows the disposal of drilling fluid and excess gas without harming the environment while reducing the risks of injury to crews, rig fires and water table contamination. Tonight’s result will be an opportunity for our audience to see something unexpected, while giving a grand salute to the Roughnecks, who, before now, have never had the opportunity to perform their professionalism and skill in front of you, the audience of Grand Spectacular.

Performed by: Les McIntyre, real working roughnecks teams from Akita Drilling and Beaver Drilling

Spectacular Stage Club

This act is all about the party. And if Guy Weadick were throwing this party, he’d want the latest and best in sound, lights, smoke and magic to make it happen. So that’s exactly what we did. And he’d say, “I want the best music from today and before.” So we did that. And he’d say, “I want this party to be on the biggest stage you can find, with the biggest video screens you can get.” So we did that too. Party on Guy.

Performed by: The Young Canadians Intermediate and Senior Companies

Fire Wire

Jade Kindar-Martin lives his art high above the world with just a thin wire keeping him from a tragic date with gravity. Now, Jade Kindar-Martin is a person who understands a show and who understands THIS show. Because he didn’t come all the way from France just to walk the tightrope. Somehow this wasn’t spectacular enough. He asked himself, “What would make this an even grander, more dangerous, more exciting  performance?” His answer was something that Guy Weadick would have understood in a moment. Guy would have been the first to see Jade high in the sky on a tightrope and say, “That’s great. Amazing. Now light it on fire! Whaddya think?! Our audience will LOVE it!”.

Performed by: Jade Kindar-Martin


Since the start of presenting stage spectaculars at the Calgary Stampede, our audience has shared an affection for the tricks and skills of daredevil motorcycles. Guy loved these acts, and our passion hasn’t changed. We just keep trying to make it more and more spectacular. So tonight’s performance from The Extreme Dream Team brings you fire, high speed danger and the unpredictabilty of launching motorcycles off a huge ramp, up through the night sky. 

Performed by: The Extreme Dream Team
Vocals: Annika Odegard

Fireworks Finale

We like to think when Guy Weadick looked around at what would be named Scotsman’s Hill and Mount Royal Hill and Ramsay Park and Tom Campbell Hill and thought, “I need something big enough to reach people out there. And the only way to do that is up.”

So he filled the sky with fireworks. And it’s become the part of the show that everyone waits for – that the whole city waits for. So for the final spectacular act – our entire cast of hundreds fill the stage, while the sky is filled with our Fireworks Finale.

Performed by: the cast of Grand Spectacular

Fun with the Cast

Thoughts from The Young Canadians, faculty and a few of the guest artists

Flying in the Grandstand Show… or A Day in the Life of a Rigger

A behind the scenes look at how the flying happens! 


Creative Producer: Dave Pierce
Director: Brian Foley
Production Manager: Colleen Caron
Head of Design: Doug Paraschuk
Video Design: Sean Nieuwenhuis
Lighting Design: Geoffrey Bouckley
Choreographer: Angela Benson
Stage Manager: Brian Conrad
Costume Designer: Victoria Krawchuk
Head of Wardrobe: Benjamin Toner
Composer: Dave Pierce
Music Director: Scott Henderson
Prop Designer: Louis Beaudoin
Pyro Designer: Brad Dezotell
Sets: F&D Scene Changes
Scriptwriter: Dave Kelly
Live Video Director: Ed Robertson
Live Video Producer: Brie Robertson

Grandstand Show Committee: Director Liaison: Roc Spence | Chair: Stu Reid
Jayson Benner, Bernie Benning, Reah Halmazna-Blair, Dean Faithfull, Kari Gordon, Colleen Janssen-Hood, Ted Jeal, Ken Kilroe, Jill Mawer, Roxanne McKendry, Sean Parker, Patsy Sabo, Wendy Tynan, Ryan Wallace, Karen Whiteman

Mike Jewitt – Manager, TYC School & Youth Development
Cyndi Scott – Dance Development Director
John Morgan – Vocal Development Director
Zsannett Rado – Administrative Assistant
Vocal Faculty: Stephanie Hradsky, Elizabeth Munson, Ryan Nolin, Willy Joosen
Dance Faculty: Beverly Bagg, Nicole Caron, Rylee Fieldstone, Yoo Sang Hong, Kelcey Moore, Edgar Reyes, Hannah Ulmer