How do Canadians deal with a blizzard? Or hail? Or a flood? How do Canadians deal with making it across the prairies and coming up against the Rocky Mountains? How do Canadians deal with a drought or dust bowl?


How do Canadians celebrate a wedding? How do Canadians pay tribute to a great life at a funeral? How do Canadians watch the hockey playffs or work in an office or farm?


And Together became our show.


Welcome to Together and an opening number that is the party and people of Canada on a scale that could only be done at the TransAlta Grandstand Show.

Performed by: The Young Canadians, Dallas Arcand & Indigenous Dancers, Blakey O’Brien Irish Dance, Lynae Oliver, Lisa Jacobs, Stampede Showband

The High Wire

Charles Blondin made international headlines in 1858 when he became the first tightrope walker to successfully cross Niagara Falls. Accompanied by Leonard Cohen’s Bird on a Wire, internationally-renowned high wire artist Jade Kindar-Martin recreates that historic moment for you.

Table Top Hockey

It is hard to find something more Canadian than hockey. Except maybe tabletop hockey. And Stompin’ Tom. And The Hockey Song. And The Young Canadians. And this number.


Canadian Sunset

For many people around the world, international hit songs like Canadian Sunset and Snowbird were their first introduction to our country. The Junior Young Canadians perform their brand new take on some of those classic Canadian songs.


Before the Juno Awards, the television shows and radio appearances, before the bestselling books, before she became the national treasure she is today. Jann Arden’s album Living Under June came out in 1995. That album contained the break out hit that would solidify her position in the music world: Insensitive.

Neon Nation

Remember when the new kid came to school and could ride the bike with just one hand or no hands and you just had to try? Well, when the Hebei Acrobatic Troupe come to town, it might be better just to watch.

Performed by: Heibei Acrobatic Troupe, The Young Canadians Intermediate and Senior Companies
Vocal solos: Sydney and Amelia 

Celtic Connection

A ceilidh might be impossible to spell, but the kitchen party has a long tradition in Celtic music. And when Lynae Oliver picks up her fiddle and the good people from Blakey O’Brien Irish Dance get on their feet, it’s like any good kitchen party – everyone joins in.

Performed by: Blakey O’Brien Irish Dance, The Young Canadians Senior Female Dancers
Fiddle: Lynae Oliver


Good Mother

 Some artists have hundreds of songs and dozens of hits that connect with an audience. But sometimes they write a song that touches people in a way that spans generations, spans experience and becomes timeless. This is that song. Thanks Jann.

Performed by: Jann Arden with John Morgan, Lynae Oliver, Adam James, Spencer Cheyne,Lisa Jacobs and Scott Henderson.

The Northern Lights – Aerials

Whether you’re on the Canadian coast worried that a storm is coming, or a prairie farmer looking up and hoping for rain, our Canadian sky has always been a part of our lives. 

Performed by: The Young Canadians Aerialists

The Northern Lights – MZ Laser

With the help of MZ Laser and his stunning cutting edge technology, we look to the wonder of our Canadian sky and the northern lights.

Performed by: MZ Laser

Throat Singers

The great Canadian Joni Mitchell wrote Both Sides Now in 1969, and it has remained one of her signature hits. Tonight that song is reimagined for you with nationally recognized Inuit throat singers Cailyn Degrandpre and Samantha Kigutaq, indigenous hoop dance world champion Dallas Arcand and Calgary’s adult choir Revv52.

Performed by: Cailyn Degrandpre and Samantha Kigutaq, with Jann Arden


Both Sides Now

Performed by: Dallas Arcand and Revv52



In November this past year we lost Leonard Cohen, one of our great Canadian voices. Alberta Ballet celebrates their 50th anniversary on our stage with a dance accompanied by Canadian Singer Adam James’ re-imagining of a classic Cohen song.

Note – this video is not posted due to an agreement with Alberta Ballet.


Treaty 7

Iiniistisi is a Blackfoot word describing the practice of peace and harmonious relationship with the natural world. Traditional Culture Elder, Peter Weasel Moccasin, leads us in the Call to Ceremony before Indigenous filmmaker Cowboy SmithX pays tribute to the Treaty Ceremony of 1877 marking the moment we all became Treaty People. 


Together Fireworks Finale

Then, led by Jann Arden, the full cast and all of you will sing together in a spectacular finale, reminding us “We Are Greatest Together”.



Creative Producer: Dave Pierce
Director/Choreographer: Brian Foley
Production Manager: Colleen Caron
Head of Design: Doug Paraschuk
Pyro Design: Brad Dezotell
Scriptwriter: Dave Kelly
Live Video Director: Ed Robertson
Live Video Producer: Brie Robertson
Video Design: Sean Nieuwenhuis
Lighting Design: Geoffrey Bouckley
Historical Creative Consultant: Adam James
Indigenous Design: Cowboy SmithX
Grandstand Show Caller: Brian Conrad
Production Stage Manager: Nova Lea Thorne
Costume Designer: Victoria Krawchuk
Head of Wardrobe: Tara Gerritsen
Composer: Dave Pierce
Music Director: Scott Henderson
Technical Director: Grant Johnson
Prop Designer: Louis Beaudoin

Additional Choreography: Angela Benson
Associate Choreographer: Susan Mensinger
Assistant Choreograpers: Nicole Robins, Rasika Borse

Lyricist: Adam James
Arrangements: Dave Pierce, John Morgan, Scott Henderson
Voiceovers: Amelia

Grandstand Show Committee: Director Liaison: Mike O’Connor | Chair: Kari Gordon
Bernie Benning, Jocelyn de Jong, Jenn Egroff, Reah Halmazna-Blair, Melanie Holmgren, Colleen Janssen-Hood, Ted Jeal, Ken Kilroe, Roxanne McKendry, Sean Parker, Alex Putici, Kenya Rasmussen, Stu Reid, Patsy Sabo, Wendy Tynan, Ryan Wallace