A collection of performances created by The Young Canadians.

Student-led pieces were created by the students themselves! Everything from creative process, concept, directing, choreography, lighting, media and graphic design, sound design and music arrangement, stage management and script writing has been created by our TYC members.

All TYCs were given the opportunity to submit creative pitches in video format. Members submitted videos speaking to their ambition for behind the scenes leadership roles like director and choreography.

This Town’s Got Country

Music & lyrics: Adam James, Dave Pierce
Arrangement: Dave Pierce
Choreography: Angela Benson
Leads: Rachael, Sydney, Michelle & Mary Kate
Vocals: Janaki, Scott, Marcus & Tanner
TYC Senior Company

I’m a Believer

Music & lyrics: Neil Diamond
Arrangement: Smash Mouth
TYC Intermediate Company

This Town’s Got Country (Intermediates)

Music & lyrics: Adam James, Dave Pierce
Arrangement: Dave Pierce
Choreography: Angela Benson
Soloists: Christina, Anna, Zoe
TYC Intermediate Company



Song: Oceans
Music & Lyrics: Seafret
Leads/Soloists: Max, Phoenix, Amelia, Livia
Director: Julia  |  Assistant Director: Max
Music Director: Amelia  |  Assistant Music Director: Phoenix
Stage Manager: Zachary
Choreography: Mackenzie, Jordyn, Marilee
Costume Design: Mackenzie, Emily, Marilee
Multimedia Design: Jordan
Set & Prop Design: Annika, Livia
Hosts: Jordan, Rachael

Tanner’s got Talent

Tanner takes on the choreography



Song: Carry On
Music & Lyrics: Jack Antonoff, Andrew Dost
Leads/Soloists: Tiannin, Michelle, Tyler, Andrew, Scott, Rachael
Performed by: Breanna, Olivia, Kiauna, Lindsey, Sydney, Sofi, Tegan
Directors: Sofi & Scott
Music Directors: Michelle, Tyler & Andrew
Stage Managers: Sofi & Scott
Choreography: Breanna, Kiauna, Sydney, Tegan  |  Choreography assistant: Rachael
Costume Design: Tiannin, Olivia & Lindsey
Multimedia Design: Tyler
Lighting Design: Scott, Rachael

John the Slave Driver

This is a video of a video. Maybe someday we can replace it with the real one, but it’s worth watching anyway!



Song: Mind Heist
Music & Lyrics: Zach Hemsey
Arrangement: Marcus

Song: Up in Flames
Music & Lyrics: Nicki Minaj
Arrangement: Marcus
Soloists: Mary Kate, Kalia, Robin, Marus, Brynn

Song: Fire
Music & Lyrics: BTS
Arrangement: Marcus

Performed by: Brooke, Mary Kate, Kalia, Tessa, Amy, Kloe, Robin, Marcus, Brynn, Nicolas, Paul, Maddi, Eve, Tianna, Elena
Direction: Mary Kate, Robin
Music Direction: Marcus
Stage Management: Tessa, Kloe
Choreography: Tianna, Elena
Costume Design: Kalia, Maddi, Brynn
Lighting Design: Eve
Script Writer: Amy
Set Designer: Paul
Hosts: Brooke, Nicolas

Amelia’s Coffee mystery




Monologue written & performed by: Janaki
Music to Monologue: The Ari Lebovich Orchestra, The Beatles
Song: Because
Music & Lyrics: The Beatles
Arrangement: Janaki, Kerry Marsh

Song: Come Together
Music & Lyrics: The Beatles
Arrangement: Janaki

Soloists: Janaki, Brooklyn, Chloe, Sydney
Performed by: Gabriel, Shevonne, Katelyn, Emma, Kaitlyn, Olivia, Ayden, Sydney, Brooklyn, Chloe, Ayden, Talia, Tanner & Janaki
Direction: Sydney & Talia
Music Direction: Janaki
Stage Management: Tanner
Choreography: Shevonne, Gabriel, Ayden
Costume Design: Kaitlyn, Olivia, Brooklyn
Multimedia Design: Brooklyn
Set and Lighting Design: Katelyn & Emma
Script Writer: Amy
Hosts: Chloe, Ayden

Girl Power


Music & Lyrics: Adam James, Dave Pierce
Arrangement: Dave Pierce
Choreography: Angela Benson
Soloists: Lauren, Angela
Performed by: TYC Intermediate Company


Music & Lyrics: Imagine Dragons
Arrangement: Pentatonix
Soloists: Phoenix, Eve
Musician Soloists: Sofi, Marcus
Performed by: TYC Senior Company

Grandstand Preview “Celtic Connection”

Music & Lyrics: Imagine Dragons
Arrangement: Pentatonix
Performed by: TYC Senior Company


Music & Lyrics: C2C
Arrangement: TYC Faculty
Lead: Andrew
Vocals: Mary Kate, Janaki
Performed by: The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede

Show concept: Dave Pierce / Adam James
Wardrobe: Tara Gerritsen, Lindsey Kapitske, Jen Gareau
Stage Manager: Ashley Rees
Multimedia: Jordan, Tyler, Sydney, Julia, Robin
Poster Design: Jordan, Tyler

Rod Tate – Director, Youth Campus
Mark Eriksen – Manger, TYC School
Dave Pierce – Artistic Director
Adam James – Spring Show Director
Angela Benson – Artistic Development Lead
John Morgan – Vocal Director
JP Thibodeau – Theatrical Development Lead
Robin Fulbrook – Youth Development Coordinator
Tanis Nicholls – TYC Administrative Coordinator
Garrett Rutten – TYC Production Coordinator

Dance Faculty: Lindi Forand, Yukichi Hattori, Yoo Sang Hong, Galien Johnston-Hattori, Melissa Klassen, Susan Mensinger, Maggie Myles, Tanis Nicholls, Garrett Rutten
Vocal Faculty: Stephanie Hradsky, Lizzy Munson, Ryan Nolin