This year, the Stampede is celebrating 50 years of Grandstand Shows – 50 years of hard work, dedication and creative performances for millions of people from around the world. This year’s show features some of Calgary’s most iconic moments with special guests and truly entertaining acts.


With the full Young Canadians company and the Stampede Showband, not to mention 50 years of grandstand costumes!

Drew Lynch

Comedian Drew Lynch, from America’s Got Talent, shares his journey with Invisalign, and life in general. Who knew dental could be so hilarious? (For some more comedy from Drew, check out the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video at the bottom this page, when Drew gives us the ‘House Hunters – the Trailer Edition‘ tour).

You Make Me Feel So Young

Junior Young Canadians are joined by host Rachel Avery, a Los Angeles based screenwriter, director, actor and former Young Canadian who got her start right here at the Grandstand Show, along with Tim Tamishiro, a multi-talented entertainer and recording artist who calls Calgary home. And a giant sweet surprise.

Rock Me Gently

Featuring one of Canada’s great songwriting treasures, Andy Kim, this song topped the US singles chart in 1974.


Sugar Sugar

Andy’s hit “Sugar Sugar” was released months after the Grandstand Show debuted in in 1968. With some help from senior singers Anna, Lindsey, Robin, Phoenix, Michelle and Brynn.

Disco/Duo Evolution

With the intermediate and senior Young Canadians, featuring Duo Evolution. Cuban artists Alina Leiva and Yunier Morales’ delight guests with their roller skating act, which keeps audiences amazed and on the edge of their seats. This, along with some fantastic dance moves by the Young Canadians, makes for a memorable number. As Miss Angela says, “it’s got some swag!” and we all love it.

Ronn Lucas

This world-class based ventriloquist was back for his fourth appearance in the Grandstand Show with his faithful sidekick, Buffalo Billy… and some brave audience volunteers.


Eddie the Eagle, with the Senior Young Canadians, Tim Tamashiro and Dave Pierce. 

A defining moment of the past 50 years in Calgary deserved a defining moment for the 50th Grandstand Show. Eddie the Eagle, an English skier who became the first competitor since 1928 to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping, captured our attention and our hearts with his energy, excitement and enthusiasm in the ‘88 Olympics. After 30 years, he is still the same fireball he was then. 

Ahead by a Century

Dave Pierce and Tim Tamashiro perform a tribute to Canadian icon Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip – up in the sky.

Darcy Oake

Canadian Illusionist Darcy Oake amazes millions of people on a regular basis. How did he DO that? 

Fireworks Finale

How better to celebrate 50 years of the Grandstand Show and 50 years of The Young Canadians, in true Calgary Stampede fashion, than with a digital collaboration of 50 years of alumni, thousands of fireworks, 120 Young Canadians, all the guests and a giant birthday cake?


Grandstand 2018 – Behind the Scenes

A little bit of fun, inspirational dancing and general stampede shenanigans with the cast, guests and the usual suspects (along with some extra comedy from Drew’s trailer). Thanks to Amelia and Tanner for spending hours helping to do interviews, and to all the people who helped film and contributed their crazy dance moves, comments and time. Also, apologies that the interview with Rachel Avery was part of some footage on a card that got lost – we would have loved to have that here as well. 



Thank you to all of the people who created, directed, choreographed, wrote music for, built, performed in, managed and helped with this show this year, and for the last 49 years.

And thanks to those who dreamed it up in the first place.