March 2018

A collection of performances created by The Young Canadians.

Today’s show presents the senior members in a unique performance. “Our Own Thing” features pieces conceived and designed by the senior students themselves, as well as an exciting production highlighting our intermediate members that was designed by choreographers from New York.

“Our Own Thing” is a tradition that has been around since I was a member of The Young Canadians in the 90’s, and I am thrilled that the students you will see today received the same opportunity to experience this special process.

This year we created a show around a theme that we know best, The Young Canadians. We are opening our doors to you, so you can be a part of the full experience of the Young Canadians. People always ask what it is like to be a member, but you have to live it to believe it. Here’s your chance to see all of the hard work, dedication, friendships and memories that go into becoming a member of the Young Canadians.

As the saying goes, “Welcome to the Young Canadians, you’re gonna love it here!”

-Angela Benson, Artistic Director

I Hope I Get It

From ‘A Chorus Line’
Music and Lyrics: Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban
Choreography: Angela Benson, Susan Mensinger and Jackie Stewart
Choreographer Voice: Miss Angela 
Vocal Solo: Sofi
Performed by: The Young Canadians Senior and Intermediate Companies

City of Stars

Student piece

Music & lyrics: Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Arranged by: Michelle, Robin and Emily
Performed by: Michelle, Renee, Shevonne, Robin, Auric, Emily and Amelia
Direction: Michelle
Script Writing: Renee
Music Direction: Robin
Stage Managment: Auric
Choreography: Shevonne
Costume Design: Emily
Multimedia Design: Robin
Set & Prop Design: Auric
Lighting Design: Auric

What We Do For The Show

Student piece

Song: Please Don’t Stop the Music
Music & lyrics: Rihanna
Performed by: Rachael, Amy, Sofi, Madison, Brynn, Bryant and JR
Direction: Rachael
Script Writing: Amy
Music Direction: Brynn
Stage Managment: Amy
Choreography: Sofi and Madison
Costume Design: Brynn
Multimedia Design: Bryant
Lighting Design: JR

Stand by Me

Student piece

Songs: Lean on Me / Stand by Me / Sing Sing Sing
Music & lyrics: Bill Withers / Ben E. King, Jerry Lieber, Mike Stoller, Louis Prima
Arranged by: Tyler
Performed by: Tessa, Elena, Sydney, Kiauna, Eve, Nico and Tyler
Direction: Tessa
Music Direction: Tyler
Stage Management and Lighting Design: Kiauna
Choreography: Elena
Costume Design: Sydney
Multimedia Design: Tyler
Set Design: Nico

Downstage Girl

Student piece

Songs: Uptown Girl
Music & lyrics: Billy Joel / Brooklyn Kang
Arranged by: Glee, with edits by Olivia Durante
Performed by: Brooklyn, Olivia, Rachael, Brooke, Hanna, Ayden and Wade
Direction: Brooklyn
Music Direction: Olivia
Script Writer: Rachael
Stage Management: Wade
Set Design: Ayden
Choreography: Brooke and Hanna
Costume Design: Rachael
Multimedia Design: Brooke
Lighting Design: Hanna

Ready? It’s Showtime

Student piece

Songs: Instruction / Finesse
Music & lyrics: Jax Jones / Bruno Mars
Arranged by: Angela
Performed by: Tiannin, Christina, Katelyn, Tianna, Marilee, Angela and Raymond
Direction: Tiannin
Music Direction: Angela
Script Writer: Christina
Stage Management: Raymond
Set Design: Christina
Choreography: Marilee and Tianna
Costume Design: Katelyn
Multimedia Design: Angela
Set Design: Christina
Lighting Design: Raymond

Final Bow

Student piece

Song: Stole the Show
Music & lyrics: Kyle Kelso, Michael Harwood, Marli Harwood, Ashton Parson and  Kyrre Gorvell-Dahll
Performed by: Sydney, Molly, Mackenzie, Anna, Lindsey, Phoenix and Simon
Director: Sydney
Music Direction: Lindsey
Stage Management: Phoenix
Choreography: Molly and Mackenzie
Costume Design: Mackenzie
Multimedia Design: Simon
Lighting Design: Anna

I Am…

Concept by: JT Horenstein
Creation & choreography:  JT Horenstein and Tony Guerrero
Rehearsed by: Lindi Forand, Stephanie Hradsky and Garrett Rutten
Music arrangement: Gavin Caldwell / Stephanie Hradsky
Recording & mixing: John Morgan
Performed by: Intermediate Company

Music in progession:
In, from the musical Carrie
Vocal Solos: Georgia, Zoe, Vienne, Miranda, London, Jack, Jack, Rhett, Andreea and Kailyn

Pretty Hurts, by Beyoncé
Vocal Solos: Hailey, Charley, Emma, Emma, Lauren & Nicole

You Will Be Found, from the musical Dear Evan Hanson
Vocal Solos: Rhett, Silas, Natalie and Zoe

This is Me, from The Greatest Showman
Vocal Solos: Rowan, Hailey, Reid, Lauren and Zoe


Anthem – full set

(view whole section above or individual numbers below)

Concept by: Angela Benson
Created by: Angela Benson, Susan Mensinger and John Morgan
Choreography: Angela Benson and Susan Mensinger
Music arrangement and track creation: John Morgan
Recording & mixing: John Morgan
Performed by: TYC Senior Company

Can You Feel It / Black or White

Can You Feel It
Featuring: Michelle, Tiannin, Lindsey and Brynn

Black or White
Vocal solos: Olivia, Emily and Robin
Performed by: TYC Senior Company

What About Us?

Vocal solos: Lindsey, Anna and Brynn
Performed by: TYC Senior Female Dancers

All You Need is Love

Vocal solos: Eve, Angela and Tyler
Violin: Sofi
Performed by: TYC Senior Company


Will You Be There

Vocal solos: Tessa, Tiannin and Olivia
Performed by: TYC Senior Singers


Rhythm Nation

Vocal solos: Michelle, Rachael, Lindsey, Anna, Phoenix, Nico, Wade and Robin
Performed by: TYC Senior and Intermediate Companies


Chase the Spotlight – Our Own Thing
March 16 & 17, 2018
Theatre Grand Junction

Director: Angela Benson
Stage management: Nova Lea Thorne
Recording Engineering and Mixing: John Morgan
Track Creation: John Morgan
Lighting Coordinator: JP Thibodeau
Wardrobe: Tara Gerritsen, Lindsey Kapitzke, Jen Gareau
Multi-Media: Rory Siddall, Nick Fleehart
Special Thanks: Junction Grand technical and stage crews, Friends of the Young Canadians, Granstand Committee, Intermediate and Senior parent chaperones

Angie Gelinas – Director, Youth Campus
Mark Eriken – Manager, TYC School
Angela Benson – Artistic Director
Susan Mensinger – Dance Director
John Morgan – Vocal Director
Tanis Nicholls – Studio Administrator, TYC School
Robin Fulbrook – Youth Development Coordinator
JP Thibodeau – Theatrical Development Lead
Garrett Rutten – Production Coordinator
Dance Faculty: Katie Booth, Lindi Forand, Melissa Klassen, Tanis Nicholls, Garrett Rutten, Jackie Stewart
Vocal Faculty: Gavin Caldwell, Stephanie Hradsky, Ryan Nolin