March 2019

A collection of performances created by The Young Canadians.

“Our Own Thing” is a tradition that has been around since the 90’s. This year we created a show around the theme of musical theatre. 

All We Need is a Star

Performed by: The Senior and Intermediate Young Canadians


Food Glorious Food
Where is Love
I’d do Anything
Who Will Buy
Consider Yourself

Performed by: The Junior Young Canadians


Two Ladies
Don’t Tell Mama
If You Could See Her
Why Should I Wake Up
Mein Heir
Maybe This Time

Performed by: The Senior Young Canadians

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

We Love Spelling
Spelling Bee Rules
I Love My Dictionary
Magic Foot
I Speak Six Languages
I’m Not That Smart

Performed by: The Intermediate Young Canadians

Our Own Thing

The following four pieces were developed, choreographed, directed and performed by the senior groups.



Music & Lyrics: Henry Krieger and Stephen Trask
Arranged by: Tiannin
Performed by: Tiannin, Anna, Emily, Zoe, Shevonne, Shelly, Miron, Bryant, Jessenia, Simon, Elena, José, Molly and Sarah
Music Director: Zoe
Script Writer: Miron
Stage Manager: Anna
Choreographers: Elena and Shevonne
Costume Coordinator: Molly
Multimedia Design: Sarah

Beauty and the Beast

Be Our Guest
Tale As Old As Time

Music & Lyrics: Alan Menkin & Howard Ashman
Arranged by: Ed Lojeski (Be Our Guest); Mac Huff (Tale as Old as Time)
Performed by: Marilee, Sydney, Tianna, Taylor, Renee, Rachael, Olivia, Brynn, Tessa, Angela, Lauren, Robin, Aidan, Wade
Director: Marilee
Music Director: Olivia, Wade & Angela
Script Writer: Aidan
Stage Manager: Tessa
Choreographers: Tianna and Sydney
Costume Coordinator: Brynn & Rachael
Multimedia Design: Robin & Angela

Sister Act

Raise Your Voice
Take Me to Heaven

Music & Lyrics: Alan Menken (music); Glenn Slater (lyrics)
Arranged by: Alan Menken
Performed by: Julia, Piper, Alex, Kiauna, Mackenzie, Vienne, Lindsey, Sydney, Zoe, JR, Phoenix, Ayden, Amelia, Eve
Director: Eve
Music Director: Lindsey & Phoenix
Script Writer: Vienne
Stage Manager: Sydney
Choreographers: Mackenzie & Kiauna
Costume Coordinators: Piper, Amelia & Julia
Multimedia Design: JR


Friend Like Me
A Whole New World

Music & Lyrics: Alan Menkin, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
Arranged by: Sofi Munson
Performed by: Martin, Christina, Katelyn, Michelle, Raymond, Faith, Amy, Brooklyn, Nico, Sofi, Hanna, Hailey, Anna & Tanner
Director: Amy
Music Director: Sofi & Michelle
Script Writer: Martin
Stage Manager: Tanner
Choreographers: Katelyn & Hanna
Costume Coordinators: Hailey & Christina
Multimedia Design: Raymond & Nico

The Musical is Back

Performed by: The Senior Young Canadians

A Million Dreams

Performed by: The Young Canadians

March 11 & 12, 2019 – Boyce Theatre – Stampede Park

Artistic Director:
Angela Benson
Dance Director:
Susan Mensinger
Vocal Director:
John Morgan
Head of Wardrobe:
Tara Gerritsen,
Production Coordinator: Garrett Rutten

Dance Faculty
Katie Booth
Lindi Forand
Jennifer Helm
Garrett Rutten
Jackie Stewart


Vocal Faculty
Tamara Beattie
Gavin Caldwell
Julia Gerritsen
Stephanie Hradsky
Mandy Morris
Andrea O’Brien


Director, Youth Campus: Angie Gelinas
Manager, YC School
Kevin Rothery
Youth Development Coordinator: Robin Fulbrook
Stage Manager:
Nova Lea Thorne
Special Thanks:
YC Parent Chaperones
Rory Siddall
JP Thibodeau