Coco Brooks is locally owned and operated business, preparing delicious and hearty single-serve pizzas to cook in the convenience of your home (as well as many other great items, including appetizers, cookie dough, dessert pizza, pasta and sauces, frozen fruits, bison, poultry, pork and chicken, sausages and spices). Or you can just buy a gift card and make your choices when you’re ready!

A variety of flavors (some very unique) are offered using good crust, the best tomato sauce and plentiful toppings; quality meats, fresh, crisp vegetables and a good portion of mozzarella. Gluten-free and thin-crust options are available. All you need to do is reheat!

Pizzas are individually packaged and frozen for safe handling. Each pizza is labelled with name, ingredients, instructions and best-before date. Pizzas can be stored for up to 10 months in the freezer.

NO SODIUM ALUMINIM PHOSPHATE (found in most oven-rising frozen crust pizzas)



There is only one seller invitation code for all of the sellers (note – ‘sellers’ are the YC families, your customers).  To link yourself as a seller, go online and enter the following invitation code. Please take note that this code is not for your customers to order with.

Invite Seller Link:

Invite Seller Code:


Once you are linked to the campaign, you can now get your assigned unique customer invitation code from the website.  Each seller will have their own unique customer invitation code to give out to their customers so that when the customer enters their order, the credit goes to the correct student.  You will be responsible for picking up and delivering the product to your own customers.

If you prefer to do paper orders, you can download and print the forms and then forward it to your sellers.  Once they have filled that out and returned it to you, you will need to enter those online. 

Please download the pdfs below for further instructions:

How to Add Orders

Download this pdf for help with adding orders online.

Order form & product list

Download this pdf for help with downloading the order form and product list.

how to invite customers

Download this pdf to learn how to invite your customers to buy online.

Remaining time to order








If you have any questions, please contact the fundraiser coordinator listed below.

Thank you for supporting the Young Canadians Program!

The Friends of The Young Canadians is a non-profit organization that raises funds for the Young Canadians School of Performing Arts. Funds are used to support many initiatives planned for this year, including boot camp, performance workshops, guest instructors, specialty training and other events to benefit and enhance the members’ experience.


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Arts Studio

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If you live out of town and aren't able to buy products, you have the option of making a direct donation, which can go towards the student you'd like to support.

Do you know of a great product that we could offer for a future fundraiser?
Let us know! We like to buy direct from the vendors if possible. 

All suggestions are considered by the Fundraising Committee.