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Fund Forward is a fundraising site that helps community groups, sports teams, and non-profit organizations raise funds for their cause by selling their wide variety of products. Items offered are of the highest quality and value and include such items as AAA steaks, premium burgers, chicken, salmon, sushi, shrimp and much more.

This page shows some of the images you can purchase, but please use the button below to order.  This will take you directly to the Fund Forward website. Items ordered will distributed out of a truck on fundraiser day – you will need to pick them up and deliver them to your customers.  


Asian Favorites

Great as appetizers or as additions to your meal!

Chicken & Vegetable Kapow Dumplings

Dumplings are quick and easy to prepare as an appetizer or entrée.
44 dumplings per 2kg bag

Kim chi & Pork Kapow Dumplings

Korean-style, filled with pork, suichoy, cabbage & onion.
44 per 2-lb bag

Wonton Soup dinner for four

Wonton King Soup Dinner for 4 includes two containers of broth (32 oz) and a resealable family bag of 16 wontons and 8 pork dumplings. Make a meal for four or two meals for two.

Shrimp Gyoza

Shrimp, veggies & herbs fill a sautéd japanese dumpling. No preservatives or MSG. 17 gyozas/1 lb bag

California Roll

Shishu premium thaw & serve sushi. This traditional favorite features imitation crab and avocado.
120 pieces/case

Seattle Roll

Shishu premium thaw & serve sushi. This treat features salmon lox, cream cheese and asparagus.
8 x 15 pc. pack size

Shrimp & Avocado Roll

Shishu premium thaw & serve sushi. Arctic shrimp and avocado make this roll a sensational treat.
8 x 15 pc. pack size

beef, pork and chicken

All the Steaks are AA or AAA quality and aged to perfection. The burgers are also of the highest quality.


Angus Beef, hormone & antibiotic free
30 per case

Prime Rib – 30/case

Sirloin – 25/case

Sterling Premium – 30/case


New York Striploin. 24/case.

Bacon-wrapped Filet.  24/case.

Sirloin.  24/case.

Cowboy Steaks

Value-added marinated 6 oz sirloin AA beef already for your immediate enjoyment. Steaks require no prepartion and come individually vacuum packed, frozen for easy use. These steaks are consistent in quality and taste great.
6 oz – 24/case


Seasoned and fully cooked.
320 – 5oz meatballs/case

Ground Beef

400 g

Beef Jerky

Quality Alberta Beef Jerky – JUMBO package – large, tender, meaty slabs. No MSG. 400 g pkg.

Chicken Breasts

Regular boneless. 5 oz x 28/case.

Grain-fed & antiobiotic & hormone-free from Tschetter Colony. 28/case.

Ginger Chicken

Marinated, battered, tender & delicious. Frozen. 4 kg/case

Thai Sweet Chili Chicken

Tender chicken bites in an exotic thai chili ginger sauce. Frozen. 4 kg/case.

Pork Baby Back Ribs

Unseasoned. Approx. 21 6-20 oz racks/case.

Boneless Dry Pork Ribs

Made from lightly breaded, garlic marinated boneless pork.
Fully cooked. 4 kg package.

Premium Pork Chops

Boneless centre-cut. Seasoned and frozen. 40 x 40z chops/case.


Fully-cooked pork and cheddar smoked sausage. 6 lb case.


On the Seafood side, great quality and some innovative products — great for any occasion!

Battered Wild Cod

Pacific Cod, prepared in our special home-style batter. Approx. 60-80 2-3 portions/case.

Taco-cut Cod

Premium natural cod cut down to strips and lightly battered. 1.7 oz cuts / 10 lb box.

Cod Loin

Vacuum-packed 4 oz portions.
10 lb box.

Haddock Bites

Tender, flaky haddock or halibut in crunchy bite-sized pieces. Battered 1 oz pieces. 10 lb case

Haddock Loins

A popular white fish, similar to cod, with a firm flesh, delicate texture and succulent flavour. Approx. 36-40 x 4 oz portions in 10 lb case.


As well as being tasty, mussels are rich in protein and minerals while being low in fat and cholestrol. Approximately 12-22 in 2-lb box.

Applewood Salmon Filet with Orange & Ginger

Filleted portion on pre-soaked
cedar plank. Frozen. 20 x 5oz/case.

Maple BBQ Salmon Filet

Fileted salmon on pre-soaked
cedar plank. Frozen. 20 – 80z filets per case.

Sugar & Spice Salmon on Cedar Plank

A full cut of Canadian Atlantic salmon with our most popular rubs on a pre-soaked cedar plank. Frozen.
One 685 g portion.


Tail on. Frozen, peeled & de-veined.
Approximately 30-40 in 2-lb bag

Ahi Tuna

This hearty fish, also known as yellowfin tuna, has a mild taste and firm textture. Vacuum-packed portions. 6-oz.


Delectable cookie dough scoops straight from your freezer to a cookie sheet with no fuss. Fill your home with the aroma of baking cookies!

Triple Chocolate Cookie Dough

48 cookies/box

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

48 cookies/box

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough

48 cookies/box

M&M Circus Cookie Dough

48 cookies/box

$100 Oasis Spa Gift Card

Receive a $100 gift card and pay ony $85!
Present this amazing experience to a loved one, friend or co-worker. 

Expires one year after the activation date. Valid one gift card per guest, per visit. Valid only for services, not gratuities taxes or retail items. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Non-refundable.

Please place your order through the FundForward website.

You will need the name of the TYC student you are supporting.  

To order from FundForward, use the button below to access their website. Choose the food type from the black bar on the left, then choose the item you’d like to order. Visit the ‘more info’ page to see more details, cooking info and nutritional information. You can order from that page as well. Click on the black bar on the left to view other items.

When you’ve added all of the items you’d like, go to the ‘My Order’ link near the top to view your cart and finish your transaction.

In the shopping cart area, use the ‘Sales Agent’ section to choose the YC student you are supporting.

After you have placed your order, please keep your receipt and send a copy to the TYC student’s parent. They’ll need a list of all the orders so they can pick up and deliver them.

Our 2019 MAY fundraiser products

Fund Forward

AAA steaks, premium burgers, chicken, salmon,
sushi, shrimp and other favorites


Microfibre Sheets

Luxurious breathable sheets with a
silky soft feel and lustrous finish


Remaining time to order








Thank you for supporting the Young Canadians Program!

If you have any questions, please contact the fundraiser coordinator listed below.

The Friends of The Young Canadians is a non-profit organization that raises funds for the Young Canadians School of Performing Arts. Funds are used to support many initiatives planned for this year, including boot camp, performance workshops, guest instructors, specialty training and other events to benefit and enhance the members’ experience.


TransAlta Performing
Arts Studio

1302 6 St SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4Z2

If you live out of town and aren't able to buy products, you have the option of making a direct donation, which can go towards the student you'd like to support.

Do you know of a great product that we could offer for a future fundraiser? Let us know! We like to buy direct from the vendors if possible. 

All suggestions are considered by the Fundraising Committee.