Spruce up your home with beautiful bedding plants, planters and hanging baskets,
in a variety of styles.

Just in time for the May long weekend planting extravaganza! Choose from a variety of locally-grown, hardy,
Calgary-climate ready plants.

Don’t forget to water them daily, especially in hot weather, and pluck off the dead blooms so that the energy from the plant can go towards making new ones. A good fertilizer goes a long way to making them last all season!

Images below are not exact – they are just meant to show the general look of the plant.
The baskets contain assorted varieties of flowers and are gorgeous!

10" Strawberry Hanging Basket


10" Tomato Hanging Basket


18" Deluxe Planter


16" Custom Hanging Baskets


13" Deluxe Hanging Basket


13" Deluxe Planter


Mojito Mint Hanging Basket



White. Flat of six.


Wave Petunia

Wave petunias drape over the sides of containers and raised beds and are great summer performers. 
Flat of six.



Single. Larger plant.
Choice of white, red or pink.


12″ Veggie Plant with Cage

Cages are a popular choice for home growers. They give plants room to develop, provide strength and stability, and keep the fruit healthier and more free of pests than if they were sprawled on the ground.
The three vegetables below are single plants, each with it’s own cage.







Small Bedding Plants


Assorted colours. Flat of six.


Dracaena spike

Single plant.



Flat of six.



Red or blue. Flat of six.



A regular petunia grows upright, as opposed to the trailing Wave Petunia (see above).  It may spread slightly, but will not drape down as dramatically. Flat of six.



Red or blue. Flat of six.



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