ALL-NATURAL and GLUTEN-FREE sausage and burgers
Made without fillers, binders, or preservatives
no gluten – egg – dairy – nuts – or nitrates.

Sausages are sold in packages of 18. Fresh meat is perishable, so when you receive your order, portion, package and freeze them immediately, while the product is fresh!


Spicy Italian (Pork)
Spolumbo’s flagship recipe that started it all! 18 x 155g links.


Mild Italian (Pork)
Southern Italian recipe. 18 x 155g links.


Das Brat! 18 x 155g links.


Spanish-inspired paprika base with jalapenos! 18 x 155g links.


Maple Breakfast Pork (small)

Famous for our real organic maple du Quebec. Also smaller – and cuter. (Small size – 55 x 50g links.


Whiskey Fennel
Jack Daniels would be proud. 18 x 155g links.


Chicken Apple

The most popular choice! 18 x 155g links.


Spicy Chicken

Spolumbo’s signature recipe made with chicken instead of pork. 18 x 155g links.


Chicken Sundried Tomato & Basil Burgers

Clean & healthy chicken patties that aren’t coated or breaded. 36 x 6oz patties.


Beef & Pork Blend Burgers

A perfectly-spiced patty. 36 x 6oz patties.



Please place your order using the link below.

You will need the name and group of the TYC student you are supporting. Don’t worry, we won’t add your emails to any lists, we just use it to send your receipt.

After you have placed your order, please send a copy of it to the student’s family, so they have a record of all the orders they will need to pick up and deliver.

Pre-Pac Meats Bacon

Restaurant-style thick-cut bacon.


Spring Bedding Plants

A variety of beautiful locally-grown plants


Thank you for supporting the Young Canadians Program!

The Friends of The Young Canadians is a non-profit organization that raises funds for the Young Canadians School of Performing Arts. Funds are used to support many initiatives planned for this year, including boot camp, performance workshops, guest instructors, specialty training and other events to benefit and enhance the members’ experience.


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Arts Studio

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Calgary, AB T2G 4Z2

If you live out of town and aren't able to buy products, you have the option of making a direct donation, which can go towards the student you'd like to support.

Do you know of a great product that we could offer for a future fundraiser? Let us know! We like to buy direct from the vendors if possible. 

All suggestions are considered by the Fundraising Committee.