The Young Canadians

Performance Video

Show videos are shot and edited by various TYC parents for the use of the Young Canadians school, the students and their families. You can view video from each show on these pages:

2017 Grandstand Show “Together”

How do Canadians deal with a blizzard? Or hail? Or a flood? How do they deal with making it across the prairies and coming up against the Rocky Mountains? How do Canadians deal with a drought or dust bowl? THEY DEAL WITH IT TOGETHER. How do Canadians celebrate a wedding? Pay tribute to a great life at a funeral? Watch the hockey playffs or work in an office or farm? THEY DO IT TOGETHER. And Together became our show.

2017 Spring Show “Our Own Thing”

A collection of performances created by The Young Canadians. Student-led pieces were created by the students themselves! Everything from creative process, concept, directing, choreography, lighting, media and graphic design, sound design and music arrangement, stage...

2016 Grandstand show “Grand Spectacular”

Everyone knows that guy. You know, the one who’s all excited about some scheme and can’t wait to tell you about it. It does’t matter where he is, he can’t help himself. He starts every conversation with, “Hey, I got this idea – wait till you hear about THIS!” You don’t even have half your beer done and he’s pitched four ideas already. Guy Weadick was that guy. Except for one thing. He made his wild ideas happen. …

2015 Grandstand show “Canadian Classic”

How many classic Canadians does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Well, let’s see. First there’s the Canadians who say they invented the lightbulb. Then there’s the Canadians who step in and say, “Hey let’s not get all boastful…

2015 spring show “Evolution of Soul”

Nothing digs deeper and grooves harder than soul music and the Young Canadians have got an abundance of soul to inspire! From small ensembles, talented soloists and stage-filling productions, the audience was taken on a journey showcasing powerful movement of dance and music.

2014 Grandstand Show ‘Barnburner’

Every summer for almost a hundred years families have driven from town to town across Western Canada to race their wagons around the chuckwagon track. Tonight’s Barnburner celebrates the most exclusive of barn parties that usually require a special invitation.

The Friends of The Young Canadians is a non-profit organization that raises funds for the Young Canadians School of Performing Arts. Funds are used to support many initiatives planned for this year, including boot camp, performance workshops, guest instructors, specialty training and other events to benefit and enhance the members’ experience.


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